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19th Annual Civil War Symposium to take place Sept. 24th at the Archives & History Center

South Carolina played an important role as the trigger of a four-year conflict that would determine the fate of our nation. The thunder of artillery that rolled over the waters of Charleston harbor in 1861 would reverberate across the continent throwing the country into a cataclysmic struggle that shapes our country to this day.

The American Civil War represents a breakdown in the political process, in which both the North and South contributed. Although the war ended slavery and set the nation on its path to economic might, could the results have been the same without war? Pulitzer Prize nominee and historian, Dr. David Goldfield, will give the keynote address, The Civil War: America’s Tragedy, presenting a different interpretation of the coming and consequences of the Civil War.

On Saturday, September 24, participants will learn and discuss many aspects of the war and how it impacted South Carolina and the nation. Topics include the rebuilding of Columbia, the Beaufort Volunteer Artillery, the Bank of the State of South Carolina, Reconstruction-Era Militia, and a woman’s perspective on grief and loss after the war.

“This year’s symposium serves as a fitting close to the sesquicentennial commemoration of the Civil War,” says Patrick McCawley, Supervisor of Archival Processing and organizer of the Symposium. “The symposium has always been about education and looking at events of the war from different perspectives, and this year’s program serves that end.”

The Civil War Symposium is a collaborative effort between the South Carolina Archives and History Foundation, the South Carolina Department of Archives and History, the South Carolina Confederate Relic Room and Military Museum, the University South Caroliniana Society and Historic Columbia. Registration is $50, $45 for members of contributing partners and $25 for students. Registration includes breakfast, coffee, and a barbecue lunch. To register, please visit https://sccivilwarsymposium.eventbrite.com, call 803-896-0339 or email foundation@scdah.sc.gov.

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