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10 Things to expect at the first Summer Drive-In Series event


  1. You’ll be greeted at the front entrance of Historic Columbia Speedway (2001 Charleston Highway) by COR volunteers- the official volunteer partner of What’s Next Midlands. Gates will open at 7pm.
  2. A cheerful Wendy Peffercorn will accept your parking pass or (if you have not already purchased a pass online) your $20 donation and direct you into the speedway. NOTE: We strongly encourage purchasing your pass ahead of time online at http://summerdriveinseries.com/).
  3. COR volunteers will wave you into a parking spot. Once parked, you will be permitted to turn your vehicle around so as to view from your trunk or truck bed. Your vehicle hatch cannot be higher than the roofline of your vehicle. If you’re nice, Wendy might also let you borrow some string to tie down your trunk door to the right height.
  4. There will be space to unpack your chairs and blanket to make your drive-in experience more comfortable. You may also bring your own picnic! 
  5. You will listen to the movie through your car radio! Or a handheld radio if you sit outside. For those sitting up close to the screen sound will be audible from the loudspeakers.
  6. The sweet smell of bug spray will fill the air, and if you choose to sit outside of your vehicle, you will probably want to bring yours too.
  7. Concessions will be open throughout the event, so you can visit whenever you like!
  8. Shrills of laughter will fill the air as children run around with themes face paintings, playing yard games and roasting s’mores. S’more of what you ask? S’more summer fun.
  9. Once you settle back into your parking space around 8:30pm “The Sandlot” will begin!
  10. If you bring in outside food or beverages, you will be responsible for your own trash and dispose of it in the dumpster just outside the gate of the track on your way out.

What’s Next Midlands is an idea hub that inspires community action. The Summer Drive-In Series was inspired by an idea submission, and was selected in March for implementation.  The project is being done in partnership with Historic Columbia Speedway and Fun Flicks of Columbia. A lineup for the series and a limited quantity of parking passes are available here. Visit http://whatsnextmidlands.com  to share ideas with the entire community, discover others that share the same vision, and invest in the best ideas.


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